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Promotion of localised food production and minimisation of waste. Our Orchard Group is working hard to develop our Community Orchard site in the Pytchell, which is looking lovely and open to all. We have an allotment project, which has created mini-allotments that have proved very popular, and we’re also hoping to put together a Local Food Directory. 

Mini Allotment Project

TKC identified the shortfall of allotment plots in the village, and felt that anyone who wanted to try their hand at growing their own food should have that opportunity. Full sized plots can feel like a big commitment in both time and labour. With this in mind TKC agreed with the Parish Council that we would break down a full sized allotment plot to make several mini plots, thereby giving several individuals the opportunity to put some food in the ground. The plot became available late in 2012 and was prepared for use by volunteers during 2013.

The project is going great guns, and in 2019 we expanded and now have 9 organic mini plots, all in use, with a communal area complete with fire pit and wood-fired pizza oven. This means that beginner allotmenteers can have a go without the worry of a large plot of weeds, with the support and help of others. They can then graduate to a larger plot if they want to. We hold irregular work parties and pizza parties at the weekends. It’s a fun way to learn, socialise, and grow your own at the same time as keeping your food miles down! For further information please contact

Mini Allotments in Kings Cliffe

"To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves." – Ghandi

Time For A Brew on the Allotments

Nothing tastes better than fruit and vegetables fresh from the ground, particularly if you have grown them yourself. Another benefit is the cost saving, and who wouldn’t prefer to get some exercise in the great outdoors rather than traipsing up and down supermarket aisles at the weekend.


Potentially there is land that can be made available if there are enough village residents who want a full size or smaller allotment plot, you just need to add your name to the parish council waiting list by contacting:

Rest Area on the Allotments

The Cob Oven

In 2015 we ran a series of workshops to build a wood-fired cob pizza oven. During the build we used 100% reclaimed or locally found materials plus many hours of companionable grafting. Since then we have had several Pizza Days where people have come together to cook and eat the produce we have grown in the open air! The sun (nearly) always shines on Pizza Day. We are still waiting for a keen allotmenteer to grow a plot of wheat so that we can make our own flour for pizza bases. Could that be you?


Community Orchard

If you go down to The Pytchell (the paddock next to the church) you'll see that our young orchard is taking shape nicely. The orchard is part of a bigger scheme to open up the Pytchell (owned by the Parish Council) to all villagers to come and spend time in this tranquil part of the village. The orchard is planted with 37 fruit trees - apples, pears, cherries, plums, medlar, quince, gages, bullace, mulberries, edible dogwood and a Japanese Raisin Tree!

Orchard Planting Gets Underway
Planting of the Kings Cliffe Orchard

We hope the orchard will become a valuable educational, edible, communal resource for the village. So why not pop down and take a look for yourself. The land is for all of us to share. We meet for regular work parties on the first Saturday of each month 1pm until 3pm. At these sessions we do all sorts of maintenance jobs suitable for all ages and abilities. For further information please contact:

Local Food Directory

We’re looking at compiling a list of local/nearest food sources to be published on this website, so you can get that nice warm feeling that comes from supporting your community and helping to save the planet to boot!


Currently we don't have the resources to get this project off the ground, so we'd love some help. Please contact if this is a project you think you'd be interested in.

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