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Urging people to use their legs/bikes more, and share vehicles where possible. This group is very active on the cycling front, with regular free bike maintenance workshops, bike spares and reconditioned bikes available, bike ride leaflets, and other cycling initiatives. 

In order to reduce fuel consumption, air pollution, increasing traffic pollution and to promote healthier lifestyles, our transport group is looking at ways to reduce car use within and beyond the village. Our projects aim to encourage more bicycle use and more shared transport. If you have ideas of transport projects that you would like to initiate, please contact or

The BikeFix Project

This Transition project aims to get more people cycling around Kings Cliffe by providing a free monthly bicycle repairs and maintenance service and spare parts bank within the community. Our aim is to get you rolling and keep you rolling!

Bikefix Pic 131023.jpg

Bikefix Saturday

On the first Saturday of each month between April and September the Bikefix crew can be found on the green at the top (Wood Road) end of Forest Approach. We will be there from 10am ‘til noon fixing resident’s bikes for free (or small donations). At these free sessions we undertake minor repairs and adjustments as well as giving advice. We just like chatting about bikes! Contact if you have any questions.

Any bikes that are brought to us outside of these free monthly sessions are referred to Kings Cliffe Bikefix where our Cytech qualified mechanics offer a complete bicycle servicing and repairs service. Please visit for more details.

Bike Ride Leaflets

Here are some local bike ride suggestions to whet your appetite. Ultimately they will range from short to long, on road, off road, or a combination of both. We have designed leaflets to help you. They include a key to indicate the length, difficulty, and terrain, a map with key decision points marked along the route, helpful descriptive text, and photos to give you visual markers.

You can print off the leaflets yourself by downloading a PDF file from the list. You will need to print the file double-sided and it will then fold into a leaflet. Great printed in colour but fine in black and white also. Alternatively you can request to have leaflets printed off for you at a small cost of 50p per leaflet, by sending an email to

It’s worth pointing out that the rides that include off-road sections may not be easily passable when we’ve had long periods of wet weather or farmers have been ploughing fields that have bridleways running across them, the second half of September and October being the worst time for the latter. If you don’t mind getting muddy and/or getting off your bike and walking you’ll be fine but just be aware of the conditions. Also, it would not be appropriate to use a road bike, BMX, folding bikes, or hybrids with slick, narrow tyres. Mountain bikes would be best, however the responsibility lies with the bike rider.

If you haven’t got much time or feel that you need to get fitter before tackling one of the longer rides Fineshade Woods has lots of forest tracks to explore. Maps are available from Top Lodge. There is a small, medium, and long circuit, so you can mix and match depending on your mood. Again mountain bikes are most appropriate, however the forest tracks are generally easy to ride. We are so lucky to have these woods on our doorstep!

If you have any favourite local bike rides that you think should be listed here, or any feedback about the existing leaflets, please let us know by emailing For additional leaflets we would need descriptive text, photos if you have them, and co-ordinates to produce the map. We would be happy to help you put this information together.

Bike Route 1 - Apethorpe, Blatherwycke
Bike Ride 2 -Blatherwycke, Bulwick, Southwick, Woodnewton, Apethorpe
Bike Ride 3 - Fineshade, Wakerley, Tixover, Duddington

Leaflet Downloads

Other Cycling Initiatives

We are looking at ways of improving the cycle network and facilities for bikes in our area:


Installing bike parking racks around the village is progressing well with racks at the KC Shopper, Social Club, and Doctors Surgery. Plans are in place to expand on these locations (e.g Kings Cliffe Active), thereby ensuring that you’ll have a safe place to lock up your bike as you cycle around the village. Please let us know if you can think of any other locations that would benefit from cycle parking facilities and we'll see what we can do. Any information/ideas/questions? email:

Cycle Ride 1 - Time Lapse Movie

Play the movie, which was shot in June, to see what you can expect to find on this 15km ride. Starts & ends in West Street. See if you can spot the Pheasant!


CallConnect is an on demand bus service that operates only in response to pre-booked requests (on a 'dial a bus' basis). There is no fixed timetable as the route the bus takes is defined by passenger demand and can differ each day.

Anyone can use the CallConnect bus service for any reason and as frequently as required. The service uses modern, fully accessible minibuses, and most services operate between 7am-7pm Monday to Saturday.

The CallConnect minibus will pick up and set down at designated locations in each village or town. Home pick ups and drop offs are also available for people who are unable to use conventional bus services due to age, disability or mobility impairment.

Registration to become a CallConnect member is FREE, but you must be registered to book a journey. Fares depend on the journey but are generally good value, and concessionary bus passes are valid.

Please visit Welland CallConnect for more information and online registration/booking. Northamptonshire now operate a similar service called CountyConnect covering Oundle and areas south and west.

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